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The paintings in this show are both the largest and smallest I’ve ever attempted.  Loosely translated from sketches around the Cape Fear, I employed stages of wiping, scraping and wire brushing to balance a restrained palette and washes of venetian turpentine. Allowing the materials to direct my process, I developed layers of textures that accentuate the feeling of systematic abandonment around the hidden populace of our region.

Blair Nidds and I both graduated from UNCW in 2012, shared most of our studio classes together and hold each other’s work in high regard.  I am excited to exhibit our recent paintings which were executed in a similar manner but explore opposite projections.





second annual UNCW PRINT BIG steamroller event.  It rained nearly the whole day, we ran out of ink and canvas, but still managed to make it through the entire afternoon.  The best team effort in art.


No Boundaries

I spent two weeks in November on Bald Head Island woodcarving and spoon printing ‘en plein air’.  The blustery conditions and haunting landscape were prominent contributors to my five completed pieces.  As much as I enjoyed experimenting with reduction woodcuts, working alongside several international and local artists was the most rewarding aspect of the experience…here are my final prints. If you are in Wilmington head down to Wilma W. Daniels gallery before January 16 and check out the whole show.

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Spooned and Steamed

After steamrolling my giant block this summer I began working on a series of reduction woodcuts, these are the first spooned impressions.  I have been invited to participate in this year’s No Boundaries Art Colony, expect much new work in this fashion…


I am happily participating in UNCW’s first steamroller woodcut print event.  The art of woodcut has been an obsession of mine for the past few years, and I cannot wait for my carved woodblock to get steamrolled. I have always held the giant woodcuts printed from Carolina Beach BIG PRINT events from years past in high regard, and cannot wait to broaden my range of work to the steamrolled woodcut .  Here is the official poster from the event as well as a one by one foot snippet of my 6’x4′ block to be printed.  Hope to see many faces.



weapons depot

weapons depot


winterscapes 2014

I apologize for the lack of material lately, have been keeping myself quite busy this winter with a series of the largest and smallest paintings I have ever worked on.  All the scenes are sketches or conjured landscapes from around the lower cape fear river.  This spring I will be building custom frames for each piece and find a worthy (very large) wall space.

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end of year prints

My last batch of prints from 2013 consisted mostly of re-ground mezzotints, a few woodcuts and a couple of drypoints.  I have been working towards buying my own printing press so I can continue to develop my copper plate work, but until then I will be painting and working on woodcuts in 2014.